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Quality Management

Quality Management Altran Germany

We are qualified!

The working world we are moving in today is characterized by technological progress which leads to the development of a service society. For us as a company this means we are constantly developing our service portfolio.

As our customer place a lot of trust in Altran and its societies as company as well as in each of our employees, the quality of our work is of crucial importance. The customer does not only expect high quality processing of his projects but also a transparent and efficient QM system.



The basis for our QM system is the concept of the DIN EN ISO 9001. In 2003 we have been certified for the first time by the Germanische Lloyd AG for the aerospace sector. However in order to fulfil the increasing expectations of our customers we have extended our QM system according to DIN EN 9100 involving the additional requirements of the Aerospace industry and had them certified initially in the year 2005.



Since 2015 the Altran Group in Germany is supported by DEKRA Certification. With the choice of this certification company we focus more on the standards of our German industrial clients and thus guarantee the broadest array of services. With the certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN 9100 DEKRA confirms to Altran the implementation, maintenance and constant improvement of our QM system.
Please do not hesitate to contact our quality management officer Alexander Becker should you have any questions relating to quality management at Altran.