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Frequently asked questions!

Which specialised disciplines is Altran interested in?
We are looking for graduate students (m/f) and professionals (m/f) from the fields of business administration, electrical, energy and automotive engineering, informatics, aerospace, mechanical engineering, mathematics, mechatronics, medical and telecommunications engineering, physics, computer engineering, business informatics, industrial engineering or a scientific field or a comparable study course.

What does Altran expect from applicants?
At Altran we share the same passion: Making the world a better place, while performing high level technological work. To become part of the Altran Community you have successfully graduated from university. Practical experience gained during your studies is an essential asset. We expect you to be fluent at German and English. It is as important to us that our consultants have very good soft skills such as learning and communication competencies as well as flexibility and team spirit. We want employees who are curious and open-minded towards new issues, look beyond their noses and can apply their knowledge in an innovative way.

Can I apply for a job with Altran with a bachelor degree or a degree of a university of cooperative education?  
Yes! We are pleased to receive applications from people at this level. Each application is checked by our recruiters in person. 

What method of application does Altran prefer?
Please use the option to apply online under www.altran.com/de. If you select the direct way via our electronic online application system, your papers can be made available to the right contact as quickly as possible. This will accelerate the application process. Moreover, it is possible to apply in written form. Please send your complete application documents to: Altran GmbH & Co. KG, Schillerstraße 20, 60313 Frankfurt am Main.

Which papers must I submit with my application?
Please send us your comprehensive, up-to-date CV in table form, a cover letter in which you tell us what you are interested in, about your professional passion – and what motivates you to choose Altran as an employer. Relevant certificates or attestations complete your application. 

What is the Altran application process?
You will find information on the Application Process under  “The Application”. There the individual steps are explained in detail.

Will travel expenses for job interviews be reimbursed?
Yes – we reimburse your travel expenses within Germany (railway 2nd class). Should an interview take place abroad, possible reimbursement will have to be decided in advance.

Is it possible to do an internship abroad? Where do I apply and what minimum period should I take into account?
If you are interested in an internship with Altran abroad, please apply directly to our individual subsidiaries abroad under www.altran.com. For your internship abroad you should calculate at least six months and speak the language of the target country.

Can I write my final thesis with Altran?
Yes – in individual cases we also offer to support your final thesis. Please have a look at our website regularly. You will find the topics offered currently: www.altran.de/jobs.

How willing must consultants be to travel?
As a consultant you must be ready to travel within Germany. This is because our projects usually take place on the customer’s premises. Of course, we consider personal preferences and, before you join Altran, we agree on a permanent place of employment. However, we cannot guarantee that you will only carry out projects in your “hometown“. This would be a pity, actually. Because you would miss exciting project opportunities. By the way, international project work is also possible. In this case we discuss the tasks involved with you.

How long does an average project last?
Our projects are medium- to long-term projects. They last between about 6 and 18 months on average.

What is Altran’s basis of cooperation with its clients?
We carry out projects on the basis of contracts for services as well as works contracts (engineering contracts, fixed price projects).  This underpins our position as long-term development partner at eyelevel with the client. Temporary work or lease of labour is explicitly not provided.

Which further training opportunities does Altran offer?
Further training is a major issue at Altran. We have our own Altran Academy where you can improve your professional, methodical and soft skill competencies. Here you will find the training portfolio.

What do Altran job interviews focus on?
The job interview is similar to a first “date”: You get to know each other and want to find out whether there is a common basis for a joint future. If both sides feel good during this first encounter, you start talking about what you like about each other. That means the candidates should definitely impress the Altran interview partner with what has motivated them to apply for this position and what they think of Altran. As applicant, make it clear why we should decide for you. But always remain authentic.

Does Altran also employ free-lancers/self-employed staff?
It is our philosophy to establish a long-term relationship with our employees. For this reason we focus on permanent staff when recruiting new personnel. Now and again there are single fields where we work together with freelancers. That is why we also make a thorough check of applications submitted by free/self-employed professionals.

I have a question not covered here. Who can I turn to? For further questions please contact us +49 (0)69 21976770.

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