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Welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy this flight alongside our Aeronautics, Space and Defence (ASD) experts to learn more about our expertise in the field of ASD. In a complex and centralised ASD market, geared to address the wide range of challenges from environment issues to breakthrough technologies, Altran’s role as strategic partner is to meet all of its client’s challenges, from innovation to supplier optimisation, via performance management. For over 30 years Altran has developed a unique positioning in the industry gaining preferred-supplier status with several key players by providing technological and innovative solutions enabling them to outperform in this fast-changing market. Conscious of the changing trends future growth potential Conscious of the future growth potential of new trends in the aeronautics sector, Altran has opted to invest in Air Transport, a dedicated strategic market segment. This move has prompted a slightly new approach to the market, involving forming partnerships and alliances and working with our main clients to develop tangible innovative solutions.

Sébastien Renouard, Group Vice-President - Aerospace and Defence
Sébastien Renouard, Group Vice-President - Aerospace and Defence

To illustrate this new positioning, Altran is actively involved in the Aviation District of Dubai, based on the Wings Valley® concept, the largest extended MRO concept in the world dedicated to business jets and helicopters, that will develop in the East with the objective of deploying the same concept throughout Asia one of the growth markets of the Near and Middle East, with the aim to develop the same concept throughout Asia. 

As part of the strategy to develop new business opportunities, Altran acquired 100% of IndustrieHansa, a major engineering and consulting group based in Germany. This acquisition has strengthened our positions with our major clients. To address the main Aerospace and Defence challenges such as connectivity, performance, innovation, criticality, critical environments, […], our Aerospace and Defence experts are also supported by the Altran 4 group solutions: Intelligent Systems, Lifecycle Experience, Mechanical Engineering and Information Systems.
This is why Altran’s long-standing presence and expertise in the field of Aeronautics, Space, Defence and Air Transport together with its network of more than 4,000 specialists worldwide, makes it one of the key players in the ASD sector today. Altran’s ambition is to go far beyond the culture of excellence in managing and developing a proactive, customised approach based on innovative methods specifically designed to create the best solutions for our clients."