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Expertise and scope of activities

Altran services offerings throughout the Product Development Process


Leading Design: Styling & Class A Surfacing

Our added value: Leading Design

  • From concept-creation through to series-production
  • Involved in every stage of the vehicle-creation process
  • In-house and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) coordination projects


Our added value: Transport & Mobility Enhancement

  • Accelerating the design process by 30% and cutting the time required to carry out changes by up to 50% 
  • Alternative PT development for Hybrids and powerful electric vehicles 
  • Exclusive training partner

Safety & Driving Assistance Systems

Our added value: Innovative Driving Solutions for Comfort & Safety

  • Partnerships with car makers forged since ramp-up of driving assistance systems
  • Working simultaneously with OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers on same product
  • Involved in product decision processes and customer road maps


Connected Car & Infotainment

Our added value: Vehicle Networking & Passenger-Experience Enhancement

  • Infotainment system development – all vehicle classes/all Production Development Process (PDP)
  • Support development of high-performance online services 
  • Tethering smart devices and integrating apps in cars



Our added value: Mastering the New Car Revolution

  • High performance & high quality development of next-generation technologies
  • Extensive experience of whole development processes
  • Global approach, experienced multidisciplinary teams


Vehicle Energy Management

Our added value: Intelligent Energy Management to Reduce Ecological Footprint

  • Long-standing experience in high & low-voltage power management, charging systems and CO2 reduction systems
  • Integration in energy-network systems and public infrastructures
  • Process and architecture development


Production Planning & Logistics

Our added value: Enhanced Flow-Processes & Capacity

  • Solutions designed to address increased complexity in production and logistics
  • Cost reduction and process optimisation 
  • Methodical & technological expertise in international turnkey projects


After sales: Process Analysis & Technical Documentation

Our added value: From Vision to Reality

  • Entire Production Development Process documentation
  • Support on almost every series of premium cars and trucks
  • High level of expertise through our audited Quality Management process