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Energy and utilities challenges

Working daily on real issues and helping clients address the challenges they face enhances our services utility

We understand that our clients in the energy industry are confronted with several major challenges such as providing sustainable energy, optimising fossil fuel recovery and engineering alternative energy sources.

Altran’s team of 2,500 consultants dedicated to the energy sector employ their skills throughout Europe (France, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Sweden) and in USA.

Combining economic growth and well-being for all are the main challenges related to power generation.

The world must be able to sustain the level of energy consumption per capita required to support the economic build-up of emerging markets.

This presents several challenges, such as
1/ extracting fossil fuels under more extreme, more economical and safer conditions;
2/ building up refining capacity;
3/ reducing nuclear waste and
4/ ensuring more reliable means for transporting electricity.

Whatever our level of energy consumption, we must limit the extent of pollution created by existing manufacturing processes, reduce our consumption and develop consistent, reliable and clean forms of alternative energy.

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