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Energy and utilities market

Understanding the market

“To gain a better understanding of the market, Altran has adopted a three-pronged approach:

- Identify the market-challenge areas where the Group’s services and solutions bring the best of our expertise (e.g. Digital Control assessment and upgrades engineering),

- Acquire a more in-depth understanding of certain challenges that would help enhance our scope of expertise and range of solutions (e.g. energy efficiency in Industry)

- Facilitate cooperation between our specialised teams and partners in order to fulfil specific needs (e.g. EU calls for energy-related tenders)”.

Najib Akram, Energy Global Account Manager

Providing client support and specialised expertise creates value for our customers and makes Altran an ideal partner

Altran operates in the major segments of the energy-producing industry, namely in the oil and gas, electricity and renewable energy utilities, and nuclear sectors. We also provide support in the energy consumer sectors, particularly to customers investing in energy consumption optimisation.

Our expertise in the energy industry covers the fields of engineering, safety and the regulatory compliance of equipment and facilities, project management as well as commissioning and procurement. Within the context of competitive liberalisation, we help set up energy-supply enhancement services. In addition, we optimise the energy mix, as well as the efficiency of tertiary services and industrial facilities.