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Innovation & Design to Cost - Supply Chain Management & Quality

Innovate to be strongly differentiated and transform your supply chain to make it a driver for sustainable growth

Market challenge

  • Increase of emerging markets and offsets
  • Growth of BRIC needs towards the various Rolling Stock types
  • Increase of the Rolling Stock suppliers’ commitment due to new contractual approach of  manufacturers with Rail companies
  • Alignment of corporate and procurement strategies 
  • Corporate integration of IT platforms
  • Increase of quality and reliability requirements
  • Optimise supply chain and quality management
  • Improve supplier management tools and methods

Altran pedigree

Altran approach on Innovation Management:

  • Altran has proved the ability to work with excellence European centres that offer a differentiated bid and delivery capability (Pr[i]me in France, IMD in Spain, Neo in Belgium)
  • Altran is highly committed to bring complete solutions to its clients:

- A proven track record in offering innovation services to existing clients
- Complete business capabilities from opportunity identification to launch 

Altran best-in-class supply chain solutions customised to your specific challenges and needs:

  • Altran offers a 360° pragmatic approach combining the Group’s Engineering and Supply Chain know-how and skills via a worldwide network of expertise centres;
  • Altran constantly adds value to its clients in the Railway sector through cross-industry benchmarking by adopting best practices from other sectors, and adapting these to the specificities of your company;
  • Altran has the ability to transform its support from technical assistance to competence and service centre; and it has the capacity to quickly reconfigure its teams locally to adapt to railway companies’ workload variations

Altran expertise

Altran provides a complete portfolio of expertise in Innovation and Design to Cost Management:

  • Training & Leadership Development
  • Innovation Excellence
  • Innovation for Competitiveness and Design to cost / Design to weight
  • New Products and Services Development
  • Innovation & Technology Strategy

Altran also provides an end-to-end portfolio of services designed to tackle your challenges throughout the value chain:

  • Supply Chain organisation
  • Procurement Performance
  • Logistics Performance
  • Supply Chain Quality & Risks

Examples of railway projects

Product & supplier quality assurance in development phase & serial production for a Railway operator


  • A competence Centre has been created in one of the client site to face up to load increase and to insure the quality assurance of products during the development period and for further serial production 
  • The main purpose was to improve client’s suppliers performances by following up different indicators (NRC numbers, containment operations reactivity, delivery of the FAI status on time regarding project programs) 


  • Implementation of management by periodic follow-up indicators 
  • Improvement of the workload program for the whole team (better visibility for the managers) 

Railway interiors product line quality control


  • A Railway operator needed to grant quality level on specific product lines. So its objectives were to:

> Grant the quality level requested by their clients
> Zeroed non conformity reports


  • Altran experts build up control points on clients, and their suppliers process and therefore improved critical parts deliveries, quality standard, and obtained constant reduction of NCR
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